June, July and August are the coldest months of the year in
Cusco and 2018 has been no exception.
However the challenge here is not finding ways to keep warm
outside (which is just like any cold climate and can easily be done by layering up, wearing a warm coat, beanie,
gloves, scarf etc.) but rather when being indoors!

Unfortunately the buildings in Cusco have little or no insulation and you
will find yourself shivering from head to toe, during the day, especially when you are inside, and
will have to go outside into the sun in order to get the feeling back into your extremities!

So what can you do to keep warm
whilst being inside? Here are some top suggestions:

Go Alpaca

Alpaca products are definitely recommended and are one of
the best natural sustainable fibers that you can purchase with Royal and Baby
Alpaca being the highest in quality; which are super soft, lightweight, water
resistant and most importantly WARM! For
many they are better than cashmere and wool natural fibers.

Go back to basics

For sleeping, plenty of warm blankets are a must but the
most underrated yet most essential item you could ever posses is a hot water bottle! This simple yet
magical device will soon become your BFF that you can cuddle up with at night and/or day.

Get swinging!

That’s right! If you feel yourself turning into an icicle, no matter where you are, turn the beats on and dance! Stretch those limbs, shake that
booty and get the blood moving again!

Take a shot!

Nothing beats a little shot of pisco or rum or water ever
alcohol takes your fancy in your hot tea/té macho/té piteado at night (or day), and is
the perfect remedy for melting away the winter cold and ensuring that your
sleep is deep and restful!

Invest in heating!

If you can afford it, this is a life changer! Especially if
you are one of the unfortunate ones that doesn’t have access to hot water and
can only take cold showers. Bathrooms are chilly places and your body and
sanity will thank you for having this little box of joy, whether it is an
electric or gas heater. Note for those of you who rent, to avoid any
complications with your landlord over the electricity bill, probably best to
purchase a gas heater, then you can use as much heat as you please!

So there you go, our top 5 tips for surviving the cold this
winter. If you have any other suggestions or recommendations please share them!
Good luck and stay warm!