The FIFA World Cup is only a few days away starting on
Thursday, 14 June 2018. The vibe in Cusco is thrilling especially as Peru
qualified after a 36-year absence, with the last time being in 1982! Football
in Peru is like a religion; it is part of their genes, and in their blood, so
it was no surprise that a national holiday was declared when the national team
qualified for Russia.

The Journey

South America has always been a tough category, comprised of
many strong and talented countries that all deserve to be in the World Cup.
Peru’s journey to qualifying was nail biting and emotional and came down to the
final round of qualifying matches, where Peru finished with 26 points and in 5th
place beating Chile on goal difference. They then went on to defeat New
Zealand, which confirmed their spot to Russia.

Peru was on cloud nine, but this sensation was soon dampened
when on the 8th December 2018, team Captain, Paolo Guerrero, tested
positive for drugs and was suspended by FIFA from all competitions for one
year, meaning that he would miss the World Cup in Russia. Guerrero appealed and
after much controversy the ban was finally lifted on 31 May 2018, making
Guerrero legible to play and participate in the World Cup!

Mark your diaries!

Peru’s first game will be on the 16 June against a very
strong side Denmark followed by mighty France on the 21 June and the Socceroo’s
(a.k.a Australia) on the 26 June. If there is one event that will unite
Peruvian’s, this is it. Despite the political and economical issues the country
has been enduring, football will unite the country for this very special
occasion. So are ready for Word Cup
fever? I definitely am and so is Peru! Vamos Peru!

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