Keeping fit in Cusco is pretty easy to do especially if you
live in areas such as San Blas or Lucrapata where you have to climb a gazillion
stairs just to get home. However, apart
from the stairs and altitude, there are plenty of other exercise options available to
burn those calories and stay healthy. One of those options is “Muay Thai”, a
growing martial art in Cusco, which I also practice three times a week.

What is Muay Thai you ask? It’s a martial art or combat
sport that originated from Thailand and uses punching, kicking, kneeing,
elbowing and clinching techniques. It is
both physically and mentally challenging and perfect for anyone who wants to
take their fitness to the next level.

Cusco has a few Muay Thai studios where you can train but the
one we recommend and of course is our partner, is Moving Zen. They have both
morning and evening classes, that are well organized and structured to cater
for all levels but most importantly they are dynamic and fun. You can train to
compete as a fighter or simply for the physical challenge. They even have a European Champion as one of their coaches, so you really get to learn and train with the BEST!

Moving Zen recently hosted the “Súper 4 /
Moving Zen Muay Thai Festival 2018
” on the 5th
May 2018, which
comprised of 11 fights (including two female fights) with competitors
representing local clubs in Cusco, Arequipa and Lima. It was an exciting day with all competitors
living up to expectations and giving everything that they had. The fights were
thrilling and showed that all the hard training endured over the past few
months had paid off! Who knows, maybe I will even get into the ring one of
these days and take on the challenge!

So what
are you waiting for?! If you join Cusco Vibes today we can organize your next
activity at Moving Zen, where you will get the best physical workout, practice
your language skills and make new friends!